Greenwich Observatory

Greenwich Observatorygreenwich observatory in silhouette

I played around with cropping this shot, and got this:

a crop of the clouds over the sun


Tower Bridge

Of course, Tower Bridge is nowhere near Greenwich, but was on my way from Greenwich. I don’t know which I prefer:

Straight from the camera

A shot of tower bridge from upstream

In black and white:

a shot of tower bridge from upstream

or, heretically, with spot colour ….

tower bridge taken from upstream

Some of my favourites …

Sunset from Norbridge

Taken overlooking Waverly Station.  The spikey bit on the right of the shot is a silhouette of the Scott Monument.

City Sunrise

I woke up one morning to this amazing sky – a minute later the orange had gone from the sky.  I don’t know why my sunrise/set shots always seem to have a tree between the lens and the sun – it just happens.  While I’d played about with the Edinburgh shot above to darken the foreground, this shot is straight from camera (apart from cropping).

Paris, circa 2010

Settings: Dejection from not seeing a good shot all day, and from really crap drizzly misty weather, then tweak with delight at coming around a corner on the roof of Basilque du Sacré-Coeur to this shot pretty much all lined up for me.  I gave it a antique look to hide the fact that pretty much the entire image was a dreary grey.

Plane Trails

If I’d been 30 seconds quicker the plane which had ploughed the cloud would have been in shot too ….

Misty Valley

Something completely different – candles

My first attempt at indoor studioesque photography.