Five Weeks of Firsts: First Otter

Continuing the retrospective ‘Firsts’ from last week and the week before.

Legging It

Legging it

This was so long ago, even my watermark was different!  Our friend pictured was a wild otter making a living robbing blackback gull nests on Sanday, Orkney.  This was not the only otter I’ve had the joy to photograph – the others were at the London Wetland Centre during a friend’s wedding – sample below:

LWC Otter

Otter II

(Still not sure why she’s miffed…)



Five Weeks of Firsts: First Two Headed Deer

Continuing the retrospective from last week:

Week 2: Two Headed Deer

What Cerberos Might Have Hunted


OK, so it’s just an illusion spotted when I was in Richmond Park a while ago.  As it happens, it’s not the only illusion I’ve spotted over the years – here’s one in Paris:

In Front or Behind?

In Front or Behind?

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Five Weeks of Firsts: First Attempt on Lewes Castle

I’ve been in a bit of a retrospective mood lately, so the next few weeks will be a recap of some of my photographic firsts.  There’s no particular order, and no particular theme – other than they stand out for me.

Week 1: Lewes Castle

Lewes Castle and trees

This originally featured in a post last December.