Peruvian Street

It’s been ages since I did any street photography – but I managed to get back to it on my South American adventure.  Here’s some that made the cut; I’ll shut up and let them speak for themselves*.  Not having any better ideas, apart from heretically displaying them in colour, I shall show you them in chronological order.

Cyclist – Lima
Cyclist - Lima


Ollantaytembo side street
Ollantaytambo side street


Mercado Central de San Pedro  – Cusco I
Mercado Central de San Pedro  - Cusco I


Mercado Central de San Pedro  – Cusco II
Mercado Central de San Pedro - Cusco II


* Apart from the gas canisters you scrolled past to get to this note – I can’t figure them out either.  And that wasn’t the only bicycle I saw similarly laden.

Five Weeks of Firsts: First International Picture

Well, given the traffic on this site every picture has been seen internationally, but this was the first print I sent overseas after a customer spotted it in the 2012 A Day in the World book.  Feel free to order yours today!

Liverpool St at Rush Hour

Liverpool St at Rush Hour

Given that I’ve spent a few years working in London, this is not the only time I’ve photographed in Liverpool St Station – here’s a few very different pictures.

Familiar Stomping Ground


(Original post)

Liverpool Street Station

A picture of a train station taken from the "wrong" end of the platform from an elevated position

(The inventively titled original post is here)

And finally, another submission to the project – this hangs in my hallway at home.

Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry up ... and Wait

This post is a continuation of a retrospective series I started a few weeks ago, and continued with two-headed deer and otters.

Tour de France special

Back home after a brief trip trip across the Channel to Paris for the end of the 2014 Tour.  I got lucky with a spot at the 1 km flag.  Possibly more to come with updates to this post when I’m less sleepy Updates below.  For now (and unfortunately not pulling a wheelie at the time):

Peter Sagan: winner, Maillot Vert
the points leader of the 2014 Tour de France

and added 2255 July 29th:

Malgorzata Jasinka riding in La Course by the Tour de FranceFemale riders in La Course by the Tour de FranceThe women’s race was just as exciting as the main event.  Unfortunately, I don’t know who this was riding in blue and white.

 Lieuwe Westra & Andriy Grivko of Astana Pro TeamLieuwe Westra and Andriy Grivko of Astana Pro Team

A group of cyclists lead by Niki TerpstraA group of cyclists lead by Niki Terpstra(A crop, not  a pano, if you were in any doubt.)

Making it Look EasyA few cyclists

and finally, after the celebrations:

The Maillot Jaune Leaves for HomeGuy in yellow jersey wheeling a penny farthing


Left Behind II

Yup, you’re looking at the world’s slowest burning series (the first part of Left Behind).  It’s not that I had forgotten about it, just that people seem to be reasonably careful with their belongings*.

I found the below in Brockley, London, back in February.  Once again, sorry, if it’s yours it’s unlikely to still be there.  Feel free to have a jab about a Noddy picture in a comment …

Toy Car

Plastic toy car and figurine of beloved children's character Noddy (created by Enid Blyton)

* Not a bad thing.