Olympia International Horse Show 2014

As has become tradition, the AD and I made our way to the International Horse Show at Olympia.  I was surprisingly organised this year and managed to secure decent seats for the Thursday evening.  I actually got to see the Puissance live! (But, then, the power of twitter may have already let you know that).

Here are some of my favourite photographs from the night, in roughly chronological order.

Four Time Penalties
Four Time Penalties
Soraya de l’Obstination, ridden by USA’s Reed Kessler, coming in just half an inch too low on fence 3 of the Christmas Pudding Stakes show jumping.

Mersley Chakotay flying by
Mersley Chakotay flying by
Ridden by Great Britain’s William Whitaker.

Madame Ballerina
Madame Ballerina
Madame Ballerina, trained by Tracy Flower, showing the rest of the field how it’s done in a winning round.

Cossack Attack
Cossack Attack

These guys – the Ukranian Cossacks – are ridiculously nimble on horse back.

… But it get’s nimbler!

Vaulting Display

The Metropolitan Police are, of course, not to be out-done.

Metropolitan Police Display
Metropolitan Police Display
Yes, real flames and a full canter crossing paths.

Now for the main event – the Puissance.

Making It Look Easy
Made It Look Easy
Fantomas de Muze, ridden by Belgium’s Karline De Brabander.

High Clearance
High Clearance
Noctambule Courcelle, ridden by Guy Williams playing at home.

Armani the Gun CH, ridden by Puis Schwizer for Switzerland.

Making it Look Hard
Made It Look Hard
Fantomas de Muze and Karline De Brabander again. They cleared it, and finished in a respectable second place behind:

The Winning Jump
Winning Jump
David Simpson on Richi Rich, winning it for Ireland.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Five Weeks of Firsts: First International Picture

Well, given the traffic on this site every picture has been seen internationally, but this was the first print I sent overseas after a customer spotted it in the 2012 A Day in the World book.  Feel free to order yours today!

Liverpool St at Rush Hour

Liverpool St at Rush Hour

Given that I’ve spent a few years working in London, this is not the only time I’ve photographed in Liverpool St Station – here’s a few very different pictures.

Familiar Stomping Ground


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Liverpool Street Station

A picture of a train station taken from the "wrong" end of the platform from an elevated position

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And finally, another submission to the aday.org project – this hangs in my hallway at home.

Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry up ... and Wait

This post is a continuation of a retrospective series I started a few weeks ago, and continued with two-headed deer and otters.

Five Weeks of Firsts: First Two Headed Deer

Continuing the retrospective from last week:

Week 2: Two Headed Deer

What Cerberos Might Have Hunted


OK, so it’s just an illusion spotted when I was in Richmond Park a while ago.  As it happens, it’s not the only illusion I’ve spotted over the years – here’s one in Paris:

In Front or Behind?

In Front or Behind?

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Redux: Views of the Thames

Here’s a couple of photos I took this time last year (-ish); both different views of London’s main waterway.

Blackfriars Bridges: Building on What Went Before
Building on What Went Before

The Thames from Southwark Bridge
Thames from Southwark Bridge