Five Weeks of Firsts: First Print

This is the last week of the ‘Firsts’ retrospective series (links to week one, two, three, and four), and looks all the way back to the second post ever on this blog.

This was the first picture I made that  I ever had printed larger than a 9×6.  It still hangs in my living room (I’m looking at it above the sofa opposite as I type this).

Paris circa 2010
paris circa 2010

I’ve tried to make the photo again, and better since 2010, but, for me, I’ve never bettered my first attempt – I think the mist is a very necessary component.

I did try this as a black and white conversion – it looks better on screen, but the sepia print is still better (regardless of what I said at the time!)

Paris, circa 2014 – trying again
Paris, Circa 2014
Different, and also printed, but not the first and not better.  Feel free to disagree

Five Weeks of Firsts: First International Picture

Well, given the traffic on this site every picture has been seen internationally, but this was the first print I sent overseas after a customer spotted it in the 2012 A Day in the World book.  Feel free to order yours today!

Liverpool St at Rush Hour

Liverpool St at Rush Hour

Given that I’ve spent a few years working in London, this is not the only time I’ve photographed in Liverpool St Station – here’s a few very different pictures.

Familiar Stomping Ground


(Original post)

Liverpool Street Station

A picture of a train station taken from the "wrong" end of the platform from an elevated position

(The inventively titled original post is here)

And finally, another submission to the project – this hangs in my hallway at home.

Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry up ... and Wait

This post is a continuation of a retrospective series I started a few weeks ago, and continued with two-headed deer and otters.

Five Weeks of Firsts: First Otter

Continuing the retrospective ‘Firsts’ from last week and the week before.

Legging It

Legging it

This was so long ago, even my watermark was different!  Our friend pictured was a wild otter making a living robbing blackback gull nests on Sanday, Orkney.  This was not the only otter I’ve had the joy to photograph – the others were at the London Wetland Centre during a friend’s wedding – sample below:

LWC Otter

Otter II

(Still not sure why she’s miffed…)



Five Weeks of Firsts: First Two Headed Deer

Continuing the retrospective from last week:

Week 2: Two Headed Deer

What Cerberos Might Have Hunted


OK, so it’s just an illusion spotted when I was in Richmond Park a while ago.  As it happens, it’s not the only illusion I’ve spotted over the years – here’s one in Paris:

In Front or Behind?

In Front or Behind?

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