Tour de France special

Back home after a brief trip trip across the Channel to Paris for the end of the 2014 Tour.  I got lucky with a spot at the 1 km flag.  Possibly more to come with updates to this post when I’m less sleepy Updates below.  For now (and unfortunately not pulling a wheelie at the time):

Peter Sagan: winner, Maillot Vert
the points leader of the 2014 Tour de France

and added 2255 July 29th:

Malgorzata Jasinka riding in La Course by the Tour de FranceFemale riders in La Course by the Tour de FranceThe women’s race was just as exciting as the main event.  Unfortunately, I don’t know who this was riding in blue and white.

 Lieuwe Westra & Andriy Grivko of Astana Pro TeamLieuwe Westra and Andriy Grivko of Astana Pro Team

A group of cyclists lead by Niki TerpstraA group of cyclists lead by Niki Terpstra(A crop, not  a pano, if you were in any doubt.)

Making it Look EasyA few cyclists

and finally, after the celebrations:

The Maillot Jaune Leaves for HomeGuy in yellow jersey wheeling a penny farthing



I took this at the Natural History Museum, London.

According to the most recent research I could find from behavioural paleo-biologists, when compared to a duyathincisaurus an ohekysaurus was much more likely to make direct eye contact with it’s prey.  It’s believed that this was to cause the prey to freeze in fear and make it easier to catch.

Ohekysaurusthe head of an animatronic Tyrannosaurus rex at the National History MUseum, London.

Unexpected Woodland Dangers

I had a wander along a bit of the Lea valley (with obligatory stops at any pubs I passed).  This little chap seemed particularly unconcerned by my presence:

Squirrel in Hawthorn

A Squirrel, in a hawthorn, eating

This gratuitously cute picture allows me to tangent onto one major danger of walking in woodland (or indeed under any tree) – a danger never talked about in schools, or wildlife books (Although, it’s fair to say that Newton’s Principia directly implies it).

I refer, or course, to:

Squirrel Pee

Do you really want a full and frank description of squirrel urine on leaf? ReallY?

No, they don’t always go on the ground. And that stream narrowly missed me.

Windmill Near Lewes

The most recent time I was visiting the Mother-in-Law, I took her dog out for a walk.  The dog is getting on in years; he used to enjoy long danders* over the South Downs, now he’s happy to get to the top of the closest hill.  The top of the closest hill just happens to have a windmill built in the last few years.

Windmill Near LewesA windmill against a dramatic and cloudy sky.

Long time followers of this blog may have seen this windmill before; although last time it wasn’t the subject (and the sky was a bit flatter).

* Norn Irish for a stroll or walk; much less energetic than a yomp.