New Arrival at Chez Kobatan

So the AD and I got a cat – a two* year-old, recently neutered, black and ever-so-slightly white, tom we’ve called Poirot.  He’s a rescue from Blue Cross (they called him Jetson).  He seems to be settling in quite well, but for the sake of an easier re-homing I’ve kept the clicky-flashy camera gear out of the way for a day or two.

Given that there are oh so very few pictures of cats on the tinterwebs, I’ll probably be taking a few of him over the next while.  As yet there are no blog-grade images of M. Poirot, so have a picture (pulled from the archives) of a random cat I saw about a year ago.

Cat (not mine)


* Best guess by those who guess best.

Unexpected Visitor

I was out in my back garden earlier in the week, and I spotted the little fella below – this was lucky for him, as I would have stepped on him otherwise.  ‘World Renowned Herpetologist’ is not something I’ve ever thought of putting on my CV, but I suspect this is an example of a common frog.  As there was no clear view of where the nuptial pads could have been, I’ve no idea whether we’re looking at a male or female.

[Update May 5th, 2014 – this has been confirmed as a Common Frog via private correspondence.  Thanks to those involved.]

Since I have a date and time for the appearance, does anyone know if there’s a crowd sourced frog tracking exercise underway?

Common Frog

Suspected Common Frog (Rana temporaria)