Blackbird – Light and Shadow

I entered this in an informal competition recently, under a theme of ‘Light and Shadow’.  It didn’t win, but I did get requests for use as desktop wallpaper, so not all bad.  To be fair, it was up against some fantastic opposition.


A silhouetted blackbird sitting on a branch in a tree(click for a slightly bigger version, which I think works better)

Going off half-cocked

So someone at the day job happened to say:

[…] post processing – it used to be a bit of a battle to convince people it was necessary.

Mostly because I happen to think photography is a broad church, I hit back with (I’ve tidied it up a bit):

But photography is so many different hobbies to so many people, only to some is post-processing part of it.

Some people just like capturing moments and care not a whit what happens to the image after that, like HCB or Mayer (aside from them being dead, good luck convincing either of those two post was necessary). Others like to get über geeky and technical about it, à la Saint Ansel (spiritual inventor of single image HDR).  Some people just like to collect cameras.  Others people just want something to talk about over a pint.  Others want an excuse to spend time with pretty people. And others – and here I’m using ‘people’ in its loosest sense – do the equivalent of looking at a negative under a microscope and bitch to the world that lenses aren’t tack sharp in the corners.

There are so many ways to float your own particular boat.

As an aside, normal service will be resumed this weekend with the regular Sunday post.