Commit No Nuisance

There’s a bell tower in St. Albans, Hertfordshire built between  1403 and 1412, it had a curfew bell added in 1335 (all according to the plaque on the side).  It has a door – I do like a good door – with an interesting phrase:

Commit No Nuisance

A door in a stone wall with a stencilled sign saying "Commit No Nuisance"

A good approach to take to life, perhaps?

M is for Money

As it turns out, the Royal Mint and Her Majesty’s Treasury prefer that you ask before making pictures and abide by a number of conditions – I couldn’t be bothered with the paperwork, so the picture I wanted to make got scrapped.

Luckily, history tells us that Roman soldiers got paid with salt (at times at least) – and if you squint and look at that just right, it’s no different than a fiat currency.  Let’s face it, the invention of tokens to eliminate the need to barter was a heck of trick to pull off.

So with a complex lighting scheme and lots of post-processing:

M is for Money

M is for Money


This is a long overdue addition to the A-Z Inventions project.

Underrated Shoes

I stumbled across An Ode to Shoes, by Geof F. Morris, and my mind went (as it oh so often does) off on a meandering thought about how I take my shoes for granted, particularly these:

Workhorse shoes

A well worn pair of reddish brown laced leather shoes with an orange lining

Creased, worn, and resoled several times, these shoes have been on many adventures with me over the years.  They’ve kept my feet warm, dry, and blister-free no matter how far I walk, or how foul the weather.  With these shoes, I left The Proclaimers behind a long time ago.

It’ll be a sad day when these have to be retired.