Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast at Night

I really must take an evening just to take some time to photograph Tower Bridge – every time I shoot it, I always seem to be in a rush to be elsewhere.  This time I was on my way to meet my brother.  Of course, the trains were delayed, so I had more time than I thought.  Ah well.

Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast at Night

HMS Belfast with Tower Bridge behind it at night


I was at the London Aquarium on Hallowe’en night (it’s a great time to go – much quieter than normal).  So many watery beings to choose from – I decided to concentrate on a genus of Oreasteridae.

Protoreaster nodosusA picture of a starfish

I wonder if, with a bit of skilful  blowtorch work, meringues could be made to look like one of these…

Protoreaster linckii

A picture of the underside of a starfish

I probably should apologise for the butt-shot, but just remember that’s its mouth too.