Update, Sept 2017: the model asked me – nicely – to remove her name as she now has a different look and the below is misleading to casting directors. The post has been edited with this in mind. Four-and-a-half years later, this is fair enough.

I don’t usually blog about commissioned projects, but this one was more fun than normal and I have a busted left hand at the moment* , so I’m quite pleased that I was even able to complete the shoot.




(pretty much straight from camera, with no more than my standard adjustments and a bit of cropping)

I met the model previously during a pre-production shoot for the indie movie She Moves Me, to be directed by @damienswaby, and she asked me shortly after for a new set of headshots.

She has such a strong look and is used to being in front of the camera, making it really easy to photograph her. Even so, I was particularly pleased by two things on this shoot:

1 – The lights didn’t need much adjustment when the subject arrived (no more than a third of stop on the key), which doesn’t happen as much as it should.

2 – I didn’t lose a single frame to a blink – it was awesome!  It sounds like such a minor thing, but it really helps the shoot go well and allowed a wrap with far fewer frames than normal.

More of this sort of thing, please!

*Silly disagreement with gravity in a BMX park – took about 3 times longer than normal to set up and tear-down the lighting.


The natural enemy of the zebra is the cheetah.  The internet has the back-hoe.  It follows that the natural enemy of the photographer is the tree*.  If you drop your guard for even a second, they’ll photo-bomb you, leaving your subjects with less-than-flattering appendages.


So I took an opportunity to get revenge when I spotted this helpful antenna


Tree with something behind it

(Note, with the encroachment in the top left, the counter-revenge has already commenced!)

*Or the uppity security guard/bureaucrat – but I think it’s trees due to their cavalier disregard for rules.