Pictures within Pictures

So amongst the photographers at the client’s office, there’s an informal weekly competition based around a theme picked (and judged) by the previous theme’s winner*.  I took this as an entry for a recent theme:


Theme Entry

I enjoyed making this more than usual – mostly because of the challenge.  I wanted the two colour lighting, but the AD had gone to bed and getting my lighting gear out and set up might have woken her.  Long story short: I set up in the lounge – the orange light (running along the baroque diagonal) comes from the hallway through an open door, and the blue shadow fill comes from the AV channel of the TV with the HDMI and SCART leads removed.  The camera was on a tripod (canted forward to get the angle) high above the coffee table this little lot was spread on.  Even though the exposure was ~1 second, I’d under exposed to the shot to prevent highlight clipping, and lifted it a bit in post.

All the pictures in the scene are from the roll of 35 mm you can see and were shot with the Yashica at top right. The blurry shot in the centre was taken by someone else playing with the Yash for the first time though – honest.

* All my previous entries.

Countdown to A Day in the World launch … 1

A Day in the World is a compilation of photographs to be published in October from  I took part, and submitted a number of photos.  Here’s the third part of the set:

Hurry Up … and Wait

This is my personal favourite from the set I submitted – I have a print hanging in my hallway at home.  And, no, Wally/Waldo is not in the picture.