Countdown to A Day in the World launch … 3

A Day in the World is a compilation of photographs to be published in October from  I took part, and submitted a number of photos.  Here’s the first part of the set:

The 153


Of course, that doesn’t really convey how the journey feels at the end of a day in the office – what about the noise, vibration, the smells, the being bounced around as the bus goes over the sleeping policemen that litter Islington?  So:

How the 153 feels

Lake District – Best of the rest

So apart from photographing owls, and the beautiful, wonderful, landscape, I had the opportunity to visit some of the Lake District’s more man-made attractions.


St Olaf’s – the smallest church in England

… according to its own literature, at least.  Scotland has it beat easily, however, with the chapel at Edinburgh Castle.  There’s no denying St. Olaf’s is small, though, and the windows are commesurate making it dark inside.

Available light 15 second exposure of inside St. Olaf’s


Later in the trip I stopped in Cockermouth, and took the opportunity to visit Wordsworth’s childhood home & garden.  Wandering round I stumbled upon a lady playing the harpsichord in the drawing room.




There is a steam small gauge railway running from Ravenglass to Boot, called the La’al Ratty.  It has unpadded wooden seats, can only seat two abreast, and you  could keep up with it at a quick march.  But it runs on time, and has more charm than the rest of the rolling stock in England combined.

La’al Ratty


A short walk from the Boot end of the little steam railway is the Eskdale Water Mill – the oldest working mill in the land.

The water wheel of the Eskdale Mill