I is for Induction

Or more precisely, Mathematical Induction.

I is for Induction, Mathematical I


Interestingly, for small values of interesting at least, dominoes can be traced back to the Chinese Song Dynasty, whereas the first implicit hints of Induction were found in the works of Euclid; so induction may be older than the dominoes with which I’m representing it.

I is for Induction, Mathematical II

These photos are both part of the A-Z Inventions Project

Coffee Time at Half Time

While out and about, I stopped into the Hertford House Hotel to catch the Ireland vs. Italy 6-nations rugby match last week.  As an aside, they do very nice coffee.  The only issue I had was getting the Art Director to be a Voice-Activated Gobo and stand between the window and the sugar – that just didn’t happen.

Coffee Time